A campaign is an invitation that you send out to recipients to take your survey. ngSurvey supports following channels to send out your invitation.

A campaign starts as soon as you launch it however you can also setup schedules to start your campaign later on at a given point in time of your choice.

You can adjust each campaign to a specific time zone. The time zone will then be used for all date / times that you setup for your campaign for sending or reminding recipients.

🔒 Campaign encryption

Recipient of your campaign can be encrypted inside the database based on the data classification that you set for the campaign.

🔅 Campaign properties

  • Track read / opening Tracks if a respondent has read the invitation message and if the respondent has clicked on the invitation link.

  • Anonymous entries will not link the respondent's email to the respondent answers will delete the email from the database once the respondent has taken the survey.

  • Invitation access code expiration set an expiration date after which the generated invitation access codes will expire and become invalid.

The track read / opening feature requires that you have set your host domain in the system settings.

The opening tracker uses an invisible image inside the invitation message and will only count opened invitations if the respondent has activated images download in his email client.

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