Virtual Campaign

📮 What is a virtual campaign ?

A virtual campaign is a campaign that will generate all the recipients and their unique code to access the survey but that will not send out any kind of invitation on any channel.

Virtual campaigns can be useful when you want to use third party tool to send out your email invitations, as such you can create your virtual campaign, export the recipients with their unique generated codes and if your third party tool supports it import these recipients and unique code to be used in that tool for sending out your invitation.

➡️ Export the recipients

To export the recipients go to your campaign results and in the pending tab click on the Export All button to export as CSV file all the pending emails, their unique codes and the pre-generated link to take the survey for each respondent that you can then import and use in a third party tool like MailChimp using MailChimp's import contacts and mail merge feature.

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