Data Exports

📤 What are data exports for ?

While ngSurvey provides out of the box reporting feature there are times when you might need to re-use your respondent in third party reporting suits like for example Excel, SPSS, Tableau or Power BI.

Using the data export features you can export all your respondents including all their answers in following formats.

🚀 Launch an export

To launch an a data export you may either

  1. Start the export with the default export properties of the target format

  2. Go to the export properties of the format and set your own export properties.

Once you have started your export ngSurvey will create an export job that will run a task in the background until the export file has been generated and is ready for download. Once the job is finished you will be able to download your final export file.

🔅 General export properties

The following properties are common to all export formats.

  • Export from / to dateis the date range of respondent answers.

  • Reporting aliases uses the reporting alias that has been set for on answers or a questions. If no reporting aliases has been setup it will use the answers or questions labels.

  • Security item data includes the security items data attributes that have been saved along the respondents answers.

  • Compress as ZIP creates a compressed ZIP file holding the data export file. Some file format like SPSS or JSON can get very large as such we recommend to zip these format.

  • Time zone that should be used for respondent dates like the submit date.

  • Locationadds geolocation data like country, region, city, zip to the export.

  • CoordinatesAdds atitude and longitude coordinates of the respondents to the export.

  • Respondent export filter applies a report filter to narrow down the export data.

  • Responses type export respondents based on their status.

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