Service Account

The Google service account is a special account that allows ngSurvey to use services or application linked to your Google account like Google Sheets or Google Drive.

ngSurvey will only be able to use the services to which you grant access to.

Creating the project

Before starting make sure that you have created a project for your API. Open the developer console and and using the top left hamburger menu select Manage resources, on the manage resource screen you may click on the Create project to create a new project.

Creating the service account

Open the Google Developer Console : and select your project

Search for the Google Sheets API, select it and enable it

Now create some credentials to access the API.

Click on the Create Credentials and select Service Account

Enter the account name and Service account ID, create the account and continue.

Make sure to copy and keep the Service Account ID email as you will need it to share your sheet

Once the account is created it will be listed in the service account, edit the account and in the service account details Keys add a new key

Choose the JSON file format for the key

This will save a key file on your computer, keep the file as you will need to upload it to your ngSurvey account.

Now go back to the Google Developer Console's home page and search for Google Drive API, it is required to list the available spreadsheets. Select it and enable it.

NGSurvey Setup

Open ngSurvey settings page and upload this key file to your account.

Thats it! You can now use ngSurvey with your Google services.

Google Sheets

  • Open Google Sheets select the sheet you want to use with ngSurvey.

  • Click on the Share button and Share the sheet with the Google Service Account's email that you just created above.

Google Drive

To use one of your Google drive folders in ngSurvey you have to share it with the Google Service Account's email that you just created above. In Google drive right click on the folder and select Share.

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