Zendesk integration

Configuring ngSurvey with Zendesk to send out a survey based on your tickets can be done in following easy steps

ngSurvey Side

On the ngSurvey start by creating your survey as you would normally do. To capture the data that will be send from Zendesk you will need to add a Hidden question anywhere your survey.

For the sake of this demo will capture only 2 parameters from Zendesk the ticket id and requester name, you can of course capture and use in your survey any of the available Zendesk placeholder.

To capture the parameters create 2 answers in your hidden question and set their default values to be filled from the querystring.

On your added these answers your hidden question will look like this.

This hidden question will capture and save the querystring values that will be filled by Zendek in the Zendesk's email send to the customer.

Once your survey is ready go to the Publish / Send screen of your survey and copy the web link of your survey. You will need this link on the Zendesk side to create the survey invitation email

Zendesk side

Log into your Zendesk account and go to the Automation section and create a "notification automation" with the link of your survey in the notification body along the querystring parameters that you want to save in your survey.

<a href="https://yoursite/s/yoursurveyuid?ticketid={{ticket.id}}&requestername={{ticket.requester.name}}">Click here to  rate us</a>

This will setup an automated email that will be sent out every day to solved tickets. As an alternative you could also use the Zendesk Webhook notification action along the ngSurvey campaign trigger to insert the the invitation into an existing ngSurvey campaign.

Using more advanced features of ngSurvey like question embeding its also possible to embed a question into your Zendesk notification body.

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