NGSurvey provides you with an extensive set of features to manage a panel of external entities eg: contacts, employees, business partners, students etc ...

The main benefits of a panel is that you can have a centralized set of data that can you can reuse for reporting, survey distribution or filtering without having all the time to duplicate this information.

Instead of having for example to ask each time your customers for the same information (eg: name, country, age etc..) you can centralize all this information once for all in a panel, create the corresponding panelists and then just attach your surveys to that panel. Its even possible afterward to analyze and aggregate survey results with the panel information of the panelists who took the survey.

Each panel is composed of a set of attributes that you can use to create your panelists. As attributes are based on the standard answer types system you may reuse any existing answer type (fields, dates, countries ...) to build your panelists structure.

Panel management

The panel management screen gives you an overview of all the panels that have been created and allows you to manage these panels or to create new one.

  1. Overview of your existing panels and panel views.

  2. Create a new panel using one of the panel connectors.

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