Connect to WhatsApp using Unifonic

Using Unifonic you can enable ngSurvey to interact with WhatsApp respondents as such if you would like to use the WhatsApp conversational surveys features it is mandatory to have a registered Twilio account along a Facebook Business Manager account.

Main setup

To register for an Unifnoic account and setup it with WhatsApp please contact your Unifonic customer sucess manager.

Callback URL

Once you have setup your Unifonic account with Whatsapp you need to link ngSurvey and Unfonic using a callback URL.

1) Set your Unfonic Public Id and secretin your account / system settings page. Once you have setup your public id and secrect you will be able to see the WhatsApp callback URL.

2) Copy this URL

3) Open the Unifonic WhatsApp interface

4) Add a new Webhook and paste the callback URL that you have copied on step 2.

5) Once you have added your webhook make sure to create a template message in your Unifonic account and add it as a message template in ngSurvey to use it for your invitations-

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