Field Properties

Field based answers types may be customized using following field related properties.

📏 Sizing

As the size of the fields is not fixed you may fully customized it using a custom width and height.

Forcing the width might break the responsive layout on mobile devices, you may consider rather changing the width of fields using CSS and setup appropriate sizes based on the respondent's screen width and device (desktop, mobile).

🔤 Setting a default text

Each of your fields can be prefilled using a default text. This default text will be set on the field value the first time the survey is displayed to the respondent.

You may also pipe in real-time respondent answers from other questions int your field using the pipe icon.

📄 Watermark Text

The watermark text will be displayed on the field while the field value is empty, it disappears as soon as the respondents enter an answer in the field.

🆘 Helper Text

A helper text can be used as hint displayed under the field. You an set the helper text from the answer properties page.

⌨️ Input modes

The input mode hints the device on what kind of text might be entered by respondent. This features is handy on devices with virtual keyboards like mobile devices as they adapt their virtual keyboard based on the selected input mode.

For example selecting numeric as an input mode would open the mobile device's virtual keyboard with only number keys.

You may check out the official input mode reference to learn more about the different modes.

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