Progress Completion

🌅️ What is progress completion ?

Progress completion allows your respondent to save their progress in the survey without having to submit their answers. This saved progress point can be restored anytime later on by the respondent who will be able to continue the survey where he left it.

Once you have enabled the progress completion feature on your survey each respondent will be able to save its current progress using the Save progress button on the survey footer.

🚀 Enabling Respondent sessions

You can enable progress completion on your survey to save respondents sessions using one of the following resume progress options.

💾 Automatic saving / resume key provider mode

The automatic saving feature uses the current key provider to generate and handle the unique codes needed to restore the survey.

If no key provider is set ngSurvey will generate a random internal code to identify the session and store that code in the local storage of the respondent's browser to automatically restore the session on the next respondent visit. Note that one drawback of this approach is that the respondent needs to resume his session on the same computer on which the it was saved on.

You may pipe the generated session code in your survey labels or thanks message using following pipe tag {{resumeuid}}

⌨️ Manual mode

In manual mode a unique code will generated and shown to the respondent. This unique code can then be used by the respondent to restore his saved answers.

📃 Save on page navigation

Respondents session can also be saved automatically in multiple pages survey each time the respondent switches to a new page using the next or previous page buttons.

Using the Validate unfinished entries after property you may auto submit unfinished entries after a given number of days since the survey was started.

⏲️ Save answers on interval

Respondent answers can also be saved automatically without having to wait that the respondent presses the save progress button or updates its answers. You may set the Auto save progress after or Auto save changes after options to a number of minutes after which the progress or changed answers will be automatically saved.

This is an optional feature, you may leave the value blank if you would like not to save automatically the respondent answers in the background.

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