Answer Properties

The answer properties let you define how your answer behave and how it should validate respondents entries.

This properties page lists all the possible answer properties for all the answer types. Depending on the answer type some of them may or may not be available while you edit them.

🔅 Answer properties

  • Required makes the text/value based answers mandatory.

  • Read only respondent will not be able to set/change this answer.

  • Prevent duplicates will only allow one respondent answers of a given value for this answer.

  • Sentiment will compute the sentiment on the text entered by the respondent..

  • Exclude from linked questions answer that will not be carry forward if the question is linked for carry forward answers.

  • Selected Selects the answer if its a selection based answer eg: radio, checkbox.

  • Entry validation validates a text entry using a regular expression.

  • Field type define the type of entry that this field expects.

  • Input mode hints on the type of value that needs to be entered in the field based on which the touch device will display a given virtual keyboard.

  • Max. length maximum characters a respondent can enter in the field .Note that some browsers ignore the max length if the input mode is set to number.

  • Min. length sets the minimum length of data that can be entered in the field.

  • Max. words defines how many words the field accepts from the respondent.

  • Width width of the field.

  • Height height of the field

  • Default text value default text value that will be set on the answer on the first respondent's visit.

  • Watermark text defines some placeholder text that will be displayed in empty fields.

  • Helper text adds a small helper text under the field.

  • Tooltipadds a helper ? icon next to the answer.

  • Pipe alias alias that can be used for piping.

  • CSS class .define a custom CSS class that will be applied to that answer.

  • Type answer type used for the answer. Type can be changed at any time to to any of the available answer types.

  • Data classificationSet the data classification to define the encryption level for text based answers.

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