Panel Members Distribution

👪 What is a panel members distribution ?

The panel members distribution is a powerful feature that will use the panelists of your panels as recipients.

This way you can for example create a panel that acts as a contact list and send out invitations to members of that panel or you could link a panel to one an existing SQL table that has contacts and re-use that existing information to send out your invitations.

Panelist attributes can be pipe anywhere in the invitation text using the ++yourpanelattributepipe++ tag that can be found in the panel attribute settings page.

🚀 Panel Campaign Setup

  1. Select the panel having the panelists that will be used as recipients.

  2. Select the attribute that will be used as recipient value (email / phone) for your campaign.

  3. Send your invitations to all panel members or only to a few selected one.

While automatically enabled by ngSurvey during the campaign launch its important to note that the invitation code security item must be enabled on your survey to validate the invitation codes and to link the email to the respondent.

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