Connector / Mail Example

In this example we will create a workflow in Azure Logic App that sends out an email as soon as new response is recorded.

Start with a new logic apps in your Azure portal.

In the Logic app designer of your Logic app select the ngSurvey connector that you have created.

Select the On response submission trigger.

Attach a connection to your connector. The API key can be found in the developer tab of your account page.

The API key must be prefixed by the Bearer keyword. eg: Bearer YourAPIKey

Now that your connection is up and running you can select the survey that you want to monitor for new submissions.

For this simple example we will connect a Send Email connector, this connector will be triggered each time ngSurvey records a new respondent in the selected survey.

As you can see on the right you may also use any of the posted answers of the respondents in your connectors for further processing.

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