OpenId Connect Settings

The OpenId Connect connector allows you to connect ngSurvey to any OpenId Connect compatible identity provider compatible with OId Connect protocol like for example Identity Server, AWS Cognito or Keycloak. Once you have setup the connector all your existing users from your OId identity provider will be able to login seamlessly with their existing credentials.

🔅 OpenId Connect properties

  • Issuer URI of your identity provider. eg:

  • Client ID Client ID that identify your identity provider application.

  • Login button text Text label of the login button that is used to trigger the OpenId authentication manually.

  • Single signon Tries to login automatically using existing OpenId credentials.

  • Security items default If Settings will be used by default for all Open Id security items if no settings have been set on the security item.

If you turn single sign-on on make sure to first log with an OpenId account and assign this account admin privileges or roles in ngSurvey from the user access control.

Using the auto-link property on roles and groups you can automatically map a role or a group to each new OpenId user that is connecting to ngSurvey.

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