Panel Security

👪 What is panel security ?

The panel security item will restrict access of the survey only to panelist of the panels of your choice. Panelists will be identified using either their unique panelist id column or through one of the panelist attribute value if you have mapped one of your panel attribute to look up the value.

Once you have setup a panel security you may use any of the panelist attributes for piping or to use them in your conditions.

🔅 Panel security properties

  • Give access to

    • Everyone lets anyone take the survey. If a panelist is identified ngSurvey will link the posted answers to the panelist.

    • Only panelists lets only valid identified panelists take the survey. These panelists must be part of the selected panels.

    • Invited panelists lets only invited panelists take the survey. Only panelists who received a valid invitation using the campaign tool will be able to access the survey.

  • Allow multiple submissions Panelists will be able to post multiple times different answers.

🧙 This security item can be set to ignore previously archived panelists.

This security item can be used as a key provider.

🔑 Panel security access

When using the panel security you have to make sure to move the panels that ngSurvey will use to identify and look up the panelist based on its id on the right pane.

👀 Panelist attributes visibility

By default ngSurvey will make available to the survey all panelist attributes for piping and condition rules used for features like skip logic and page branching.

If you want to keep a given panelist attribute with sensitive information private and not accessible by the respondent and its survey you need to set the Respondent display behavior property to Always hidden in the panel attribute settings page.

If set to always hidden the panelist attribute can't be used for piping or any kind of action within the survey as its value is to sent and is kept secretly on the server.

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