Single Question Flow

▶️ What is a single question flow ?

The single question flow feature allows you to display the questions of your survey to the respondent one by one of a full paged based layout instead of showing them to the respondent grouped by page.

There is no need to design your survey in special way all questions of your survey will be automatically displayed one by one.

When activated the single question flow also allows the respondent to go from one question to another or to submit the survey without having to click on any button as selecting an answer will automatically bring the respondent to the next question or submit his answers if its the last question in the survey.

Single question flow can greatly increase the participation on your survey as the interaction required with the respondent is very quick and limited.

📄 Field based answers and single question flow

Question with the answer types requiring some data entry from the respondents like fields can't auto-submit as its not possible to know when the respondent answer is complete. In this such cases a call for action as a submit or next page button will be shown the respondent.

🕵 Skip logic and single question flow

Any skip logic or branching rules that you have setup will be applied as usual to your questions.

A survey with the single question flow feature activated will display in its footer the total number of questions that have been answered and the number of questions that are left for answer.

Single question flow layout on large screens

Setting the "Render horizontally on wide screens" in your survey properties will instruct ngSurvey to switch layout on screen larger than 1280 pixels. Questions will be rendered from the left to right instead from the top to the bottom.

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