Panel Linking

Using panel linking you can link any of your panels to either update its data or add new data to it from within any survey form.

Once linked to a survey the panel attributes will be made available as a question that you can move anywhere inside the form as you would with any normal question.

Linked panels can be useful in following use cases.

  • Panel auto filling to add a new panelists on the go based on new respondent answers.

  • Panel updating to let respondents update pre-existing panel data from within a survey.

👪 Linking a panel to your form

To link a panel you need to insert a new question and chose the Panel question type. This will open a wizard to chose the panel you would like to use in your survey form.

The respondent will now either be able to add new panelist using that linked question or update pre-existing panelist data.

You may also configure each panel attribute behavior from the panel attributes properties to make a it read only, visible, updatable depending if the linked panel question is used for panel filling or panel updating.

  • Always shown will always display the attributes to the respondent.

  • Always hidden will be hidden to the respondent.

  • Read only on update will be available for auto-filling but read only on update.

  • Hide on update will be available for auto-filling but hidden on update.

  • Hide on add will be hidden for auto-filling but available on update.

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