👥 What are quotas ?

Quotas enable you to limit access to a survey based on the number of responses to certain conditions. Once the specified number of responses is reached, the survey can either be closed or access to it can be restricted.

🚀 How to enable quotas ?

To enable quotas you need to create your first quota condition and define the number of respondents that will match that quota.

In the example below we have defined a quota of 1000 respondents for the "Apple" answer. the quota condition will return true if there are over 1000 respondents in the survey that answered "Apple".

Once you have defined your quota you can use your quota either any of your condition rules, using the quota restriction security feature or as is.

If your using the quota as is you can use to automatically end a survey by leveraging the "End survey" feature . This approach promptly finishes the survey for participants who choose the "Apple" option once its designated quota has been reached. Using this option you can terminate an survey based on a quota while still allowing other answers not matching the quota to flow in.

By default, ngSurvey automatically discards responses once a survey's quota is reached. However, if you wish to retain responses exceeding the quota, you can enable this by selecting the "Keep over quota answers" option.

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