🗂️ What are folders ?

Folders allow you to sort and organize your surveys by creating backup, archive folders for example or to create specific folders that will be shared among different users. Forms or folders can be easily moved from one folder through another using drag & drop.

🔑 Folder Rights

Folders are only visible to the user who creates the folder and to ngSurvey administrators or users who have the access all surveys right enabled. However its possible to grant access to any other users of the system.

🧙 For large organizations we recommend giving folder root creation rights only to people with higher privileges and give only access rights to each department folders to the users responsible for the form creation in that department.

➕ Creating a folder

To create a folder click on the New folder button. New folders will be created as a child of the current selected folder.

❌ Deleting a folder

Deleting a folder will first move it with all its sub-folders and surveys to the trashcan. The folder gets completely deleted from the system only when it has been removed from the trashcan or if the trashcan has been emptied.

🔅 Folder properties

  • Folder name display name of the folder.

  • New Childs inherit users and group access new folders or surveys created within that folder will automatically inherit the same users / group access as the folder.

If you have set this folder to give access to the group "marketing" all subsequent surveys or folder that will be created in this folder will be assigned to the "marking" group as well.

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