👨‍🎨️ What is a theme ?

A theme regroups all the global styling colors and fonts variables that will be used to generate the final style.

You can set following family colors.

  • General forms related colors like background, header and form page background.

  • Primary are the colors that will be displayed the most frequently across your survey components.

  • Secondary colors accents actionable survey components like for example radio buttons or checkboxes.

  • Errors are all the colors used by the survey error messages. You may force the preview survey to show all its error message by enabling the preview errors option.

You may also any of the global variable in your CSS code using the var keyword eg: color: var(--ngs-text-color)

🖍️ Picking a color

You may click on any color swatch to open the color picker to select the color of your choice.

To reset a color you may select the empty color swatch on the top right of the picker.

🔤 Switching fonts

To switch fonts you may either open the font selection pane to select a new font from the list of available fonts.

The available fonts list uses Google Fonts if you are not able to see any fonts make sure that you have properly link your ngSurvey installation with Google Fonts.

Or you may also change manually the fonts from the theme code variables list.

Fonts selected from the available fonts list will be automatically downloaded from the Google Fonts servers if the respondents does not have the selected font installed on his device.

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