Campaign Batches

📩 What are campaign batches ?

A campaign batch is the process that ngSurvey uses to send out your invitations to the recipients. Once you have created your campaign all the recipients will be saved in a waiting queue before they get finally sent.

Sending of invitations is not instant and may take some time depending on the current server conditions and recipients size.

You may access the campaign batches manager from the campaign action menu.

📈 Batch manager

The campaign batch manager allows you to see and manage the current sending and receiving status of your invitations. Thanks to the campaign batch manager you can see if your invitations have been delivered or if any error occurred during the delivery process and force a retry of sending in case of failure.

The batch editor let you see and manage following status

  1. Sent are invitations that have been successfully sent to the recipients.

  2. Sending are the invitations that are being currently sent out.

  3. Queue are the invitations that are waiting to be sent out.

  4. Errors are the invitations that errored out due to some internal ngSurvey error.

  5. Bounced in case of email invitations are the invitations that have bounce back because the recipient's email was invalid.

Recipients values will automatically be synced with the one being in the panel if invitations were sent using a panel. eg: If you the invitation was sent to using a panel and you change the recipient email in the panel to it will automatically be reflected in the batches and campaign results.

🔄 Batch retry

You can at any time resend any invitation using the arrow icon. This action will move back the invitation to the queued and make it available again for a new sending round. You can use this option if you want to quickly send back a reminder to one single recipient.

🔒 Encrypted batch entries

If your campaign has been set to be encrypted using the restricted data classification you will need to first decrypt the recipients using your private PGP key. You can decrypt them using the lock icon.

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