Style Library

🎨 What is the style library ?

the style library is the place where you can create, edit and manage all your style themes.

You may open your style library by clicking on the Styles library header. Clicking on the style will assign it to the survey you are currently working on.

👨🏻‍🎨 Hovering the style previews the hovered style in realtime on the survey you are currently working on.

➕ Adding a new style

To add a new style you may click on the + button. This will open the style editor to let you create a brand new shiny style.

🚀 Style library actions

  • Clonewill create a 1-1 copy of the style.

  • Delete will delete the style, surveys to which this style was assigned to will automatically be reverted back to the default Pure Ocean Blue style.

🔏 Style Rights

Each newly created style will only be available and seen by you, If you would like to share the style with other users you may set the properties of the style to shared

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