Link data to Power BI

In this walkthrough you will learn how to link the respondents data to the Power BI tool (to the web and desktop versions)

For the web version of Power BI we will use the CSV file with respondents data. To do this you need to generate the CSV data file and then to upload it from your device to the online tool.

  1. Go to the Data export at the left vertical toolbar

  2. Press CSV / Excel to generate data export for download.

  3. At the web version of the Power BI tool use Get Data button

  4. Press Get at the Files part of the Create new content section to upload the CVS file

  5. Upload the file from your device

Once the data is generated, it will be automatically downloaded to your device.

To link data to the desktop version of the Power BI you can use the web link of the data export, which will allow to have an automatic refresh of the data in your report.

  1. At the Data export page go to the ⚙️Properties of the the CSV export results file

  2. Press doubled rectangle near URL to Copy the link

  1. At the Desktop version of Power BI go to the File menu and choose Get data

  2. Select 🌐 Web option

  3. Paste the copied link

  4. Press OK to link the data with Power BI tool

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