Creating a Question

➕ Creating a new question

To add a new question to your page you may either use the Add question button or you may drag&drop any of the available question types from the editing space to your page as show below.

If you have already questions in your surveys you may also use the + of the question edition toolbar to insert a new question right after the selected question.

Once you have added a question you're ready to add also a couple of answers to it.

📋 Copy an existing question

You can make a 1-1 copy of any existing question using the clone feature of your question. This will create a an exact copy of the question and insert it right after the selected question.

🔃 Copy a question from another survey

You may also copy an existing question from another of your surveys using the copy question wizard

To access the question copy wizard open the questions pane of the editing space and drag / drop the copy question type on the page where you want to copied to be saved to.

The wizard will open a list of all your surveys from which you can copy any existing question.

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