Campaign Results

The campaign results page allows you to manage and see the current respondents who answered or not your survey

  1. Completed are the respondent who answered your survey. You can click on any of the email entry to display its corresponding survey answers.

  2. Opened are the respondents who clicked on the invitation link and opened the survey in the browser but did not yet submit any answers.

  3. Read are the respondents who read the invitation message but didn't click on the invitation link.

  4. Pending count are the respondents who did not answer your survey yet.

The Export all button allows you to export a CSV formatted file with all the recipients of the tab you are in. It will export all recipients, their unique code and also the unique link to for each respondent to take the survey

Make sure that you have properly setup your host domain in the system settings to generate the unique respondent link using the export all function.


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