Appointment Calendar

Using the appointment calendar you can setup a set of time slots and limit the number of allowed entries for each time slot.

⌚Time slots intervals

Each of your appointment calendar can be configured using multiple time slots intervals. Time slots intervals are the day of the week and the start and the end time during which a respondent can take an appointment.

Using intervals you can easily setup time slots that would only include days of the week as shown below.

😎Holidays intervals

Holidays intervals let you define a set of dates that can't have any appointments.

⏰Time zones

If you're collecting responses from all over the world it may be that the respondent lives in a different time zone. You can either configure the calendar to show in the local time zone of the respondent or use the default time zone that has been setup for the calendar.

Make sure to set the correct default time zone in your calendar properties based on your current local time zone.

🔅Appointment properties

You may configure all appointment calendar's properties from the answer properties page.

  • Appointment type set if you can have one or multiple appointments per time slot.

  • Appointments per slot number of respondent that can register for one time slot. Once the maximum is reached the time slot is hidden from the calendar and can't be taken anymore.

  • Slot duration time during of a time slot.

  • Min. time before first appointment let you define a delay in minutes before the next available appointment to the respondent.

  • Start / End Date start and end dates of the appointments.

  • Time zone default time zone of the calendar and the times displayed to the respondent.

  • Use respondent time zone will show the appointment time slots in the local time zone of the respondent.

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