Image Choices

The image choices question is question that will let you upload images and let the respondent select one or more images among the one you have uploaded.

Images size is optimized for 200x200 pixel images. Newly uploaded images will automatically saved in the media gallery root folder.

🖼️️ Images layout

NGSurvey will automatically adapt the horizontal layout of all your images based on the respondent's display width. You may also force the layout to show the images as columns.

To change the number of columns you may open the question settings page and update the maximum columns that will be used to render the images

The column count is the maximum number of columns that should be displayed. If the screen with of the respondent is lower that the possible number of columns ngSurvey will adapt the layout to show the images in the best possible way to the respondent even if the column count will be less that the one you have chosen.

🎞️ Images ratio

The default ratio used by ngSurvey will keep the image ratio to avoid any distortion of the images. You can however also select different types of ratios depending on the type of images that you wish to use.

To change the ratio of your images you may click on the preset styles button to open the available ratios.

You may find below samples of the different ratios that you can use to adapt the display of your images.

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