Page Looping

🔃What is page looping

Page looping allows the respondent to dynamically repeat the same page on the fly either based on respondent choices or statically based on your own rules and using looping pipes you can customize each page of your loop with custom labels.

Page looping is very useful if you have a set of questions that needs to be re-used for different topics. Instead of duplicating manually all the questions, answers for each of your topic you can create the questions only once on one page and choose how many time this page can be duplicated by the respondent. Using page looping you significantly reduce the maintenance burden on complex surveys.

In the example below we want to ask our respondents questions about shops they visited. Instead of creating a new page for each shop in our research we can use the loop features to repeat the page having the shop related questions.

Page looping integrates with all the paging, multi-language, conditions or single flow features of ngSurvey. As such respondent will be able to navigate seamlessly back and forth within the survey as they would if we had created standard pages.

Page looping can be enabled from the page properties Looping tab

Once enabled all the questions / answers on that page will be repeated dynamically while the respondent is taking the survey.

Loops can be generated using follow methods

  • Static let you define a number of times the page will be repeated

  • Selected answers pages will be repeated based on the respondent answers to a selection based question. Each selected answer by the respondent will generate a new page.

  • Answer value can be used to repeat the page based on a respondent entry to question answer like a field or custom dropdown list. If you're using a field and the respondent enter 7 in the field then the page will be repeated 7 times.

While possible we dont recommend changing the page looping options once you have started collecting respondent answers as this may impact the existing data that you have already collected.

🔅 Page looping properties

  • Generate loop from defines which method is used to generate the page loop repeats.

  • Maximum loops maximum number of loops that can be generated for this page.

Using looping marge and pipe you can customize labels for each pages of your loop to make it looks unique.

📤Looping and data export

When enabling looping on a page all the questions and answers on that page will have their own column prefixed by the loop number while exporting the data of your survey. As such the data export will effectively look like if you had created real questions and answers for these looped pages.

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