AWS EBS / SQL Server

This tutorial will guide you through the couple of steps required to setup and run ngSurvey on Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstalk linked with SQL Server.

In this setup EBS and your SQL Server database will be tied together. If you terminate or rebuild your EBS it will also do it for your database. For more flexibility with your setup we recommend choosing the stand alone approach and keep your SQL Server decoupled from your EBS instance.

1) Start by opening the link below to open the EBS application creation wizard with pre-configured settings to setup ngSurvey with NgInx as a reverse proxy.

If you want to configure another reverse proxy or manually configure Nginx you may use following link: AWS Elastic Beanstalk install source package

2) On the just opened application configuration and chose Public S3 URL.

3) On the configuration page open the database settings page to configure the database that will host ngSurvey.

4) On the database page choose the SQL Server engine and instance class that will be used to run ngSurvey. You may also set a new Username and password which will be used for database management purposes.

The bare minimal configuration for low traffic surveys is SQL Server Express using a small instance class.

5) Make sure that you have configured a public network for your EBS application.

6) Once you have configured your capacity, and database click the Create App button to create your EBS application.

Small instances capacity based configurations can take some time to fully complete the configuration.

You may get a "Gateway error" if you connect immediately to ngSuvey's website, please wait 1-2 minute to leave time to the EBS application boot up properly.

7) That's it! You are ready to connect to your ngSurvey administration section using the EBS application web link.

Defaults credentials to access the ngSurvey administration section are

Username: ngsadmin Password: admin Make sure to change the default credentials on your first login from the user management section.

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