Export Jobs

⏲️ What are export jobs ?

Exporting all respondents and their answers can sometimes be a costly and lengthy operation depending on the number of respondents you need to export, because of that all export file are generated as background tasks named jobs which are generating your export files and make them ready to you once they have been generated on the servers.

🚀 Export jobs actions

  1. Download the generated export file.

  2. Re-generate the export file.

  3. Export jobs properties.

  4. Delete the export job. This operation cannot be reverted.

🔅 Export jobs properties

  • Public job result download Generates a public download link of the export data that you can share.

  • Frequency will run the job and re-generate the full export data file on daily, weekly, monthly or custom timer basis.

  • Post data export to an HTTP URL once the job is finished post the exported data to any HTTP endpoint .

  • Send data export to following email send the data export file as an attachment to the email once the job is finished.

Posted data export file to the HTTP endpoint will be encoded in BASE64 format if the generated data export is a binary or zip file.

✔️ Your export is ready

Once you're export is ready you may download the generated export file as many times as you wish. It will be kept as long as you don't delete the export job.

Export file will be downloaded automatically if you're still on the export page when the job is finished.

👤 Allow anonymous export download

If you would like to share your data export with other users or if you would like to link it directly using Excel from web features you may enable the job to be public.

🧙 If you're using the public link to link the data export file to a third party reporting application you may also set the job to run automatically after a given time. This will ensure that the data export file used by your third party application uses always the latest dataset.

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