Single Choice

A single choice question is question that allows only one answer to be selected among the selectable answers in your question.

The default render mode for the answer selection is a radio button.

Radio buttons can also be un-selected if the respondent clicks on a selected radio button.

⚠️ Mandatory question

You can make answers to your question mandatory by turning on the required property of the question.

Respondents will be required to select one answer

You may switch to to a multi selection question by checking the multiple selection property of the question properties.

🖊️ Other selection

You may also create an open selection using the other selection answer type to the let the respondent enter his own answer.

🔘 Custom selections

You may also use the widgets system to develop a custom selection widget using plain Javascript, CSS and HTML that will render differently than the standard radio buttons.

😃 Rating scale headers

You may add scale anchors to your question layout if your question is horizontal and if it has its rating option enabled in its question properties.

The scale anchors texts can be set from the question properties.

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