Reporting / Export

While ngSurvey doesn't offer yet a built in reporting part for conjoint question it does provide a comprehensive set of options to export your conjoint data readily formatted for your favorite statistical application like SPSS or R. If you are interested in such a feature built in contact us.

If you survey has an conjoint question you will have access in the data export section to a specific export module that will export only the data related to your conjoint questions.


ChoiceModelR simplifies the estimation of discrete choice models from conjoint analysis data. This R package enables users to efficiently calculate the part-worth utilities for each attribute level, streamlining the analysis process.

Here a sample code to calculate the parth worth utilities of your attributes.

 # read the conjoint csv export file that you have exported from ngSurvey. Make sure to use the right separator based on your CSV file output 
 data <- read.csv("c:\\conjointdata.csv", sep = ",") 

 # Must be the number of attributes that you have defined in your conjoint question, here we have 3 attributes
 xcoding = c(0, 0, 0)
 mcmc = list(R = 4000, use = 2000)
 options = list(none = FALSE, keep = 5)

 choicemodelr(data = data, xcoding = xcoding, mcmc = mcmc, options = options, directory = tempdir())

Excel / CSV export

If you're using the standard Excel or CSV export ngSurvey will include for each of your respondents all the answers of each respondent for each of the tasks that has been generated for them. It also include the design experiment version that has been used for that respondent.

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