Translate a survey

In this walkthrough you will see how to translate from one language to another and create a multi-language survey.

🌐 Add language

To enable the multi-language option:

  1. Press the Languages bar at the upper right corner of the designer page.

  2. At the Multi-languages mode press on the Language list and choose the language.

  3. Close the property folder and choose the language mode from to edit

Each translation has to be edited manually. You may also use the auto-translate features to automatically translate your survey into another language.

💬 Translate

To translate your survey into another language:

  1. Choose the language page from the dropdown list in the right upper corner of the survey page.

  2. Enter the translation to the each of the questions and answers.

Use the Properties bar on the right, at the end of each answer line to update the particular answer properties.

Updated properties are bound to the selected language

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