Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency

👥 What is TURF ?

Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency is a tool that will find for you the best combination of respondents choices of a multiple choices question type.

Suppose that you have following question.

Using standard reports you would only be able to either know the total of answers for all choices or the total number of individual respondent of that question.

Using TURF you are able to know exactly how many individual have been reached for a given answers combinations.

🔢 Combinations

Using the combination feature you can find out how many respondents are matching a given combination. You can choose how many combination you want to generate among the multiple selection answers.

Combination are ordered from the most selected to the least one. As such you can know which combination is the most prefered among your multiple choices.

☑️ Answers reach

You can select a set of answers for your combination and see how many unique respondents have answered this set of answers.

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