Key Provider

🔐 What is a key provider ?

This key provider option allows you to have full control on the way unique codes are generated in ngSurvey. Options like save / resume progress or answers changes require to generate unique ids in order to let the respondents save and restore their session in a secure way using a code that will uniquely identify them and their session.

ngSurvey is generating by default a unique code that will be delivered to the respondent to resume his answers when he saves his progress.

But what happens if we have invited the respondent using an email invitation that already has a unique code for each email or if the respondent has already received a unique token ? Wouldn't it be convenient to be able to let ngSurvey use that code for resuming / saving respondent sessions ?

That's were the key provider model comes into play, thanks to the key provider you can set which of the security items will provide and manage the unique keys required to save / restore the respondent sessions.

Following security items can be enabled to be a key provider :

Coming back to our email invitation example, if you want to allow the respondent to save and resume his session later using the invitation code than that was issued during the email campaign we could set the invitation code security item to be the key provider and the respondent would have only one code that will be used for saving and restoring his sessions which means that his session will automatically resumed each time he follows his invitation link .

🚀 Enabling a key provider

As the key provider is used during the save and resume progress of the survey you first need to enable the save progress option in your survey progress completion options page.

Once your survey allows a respondent to save their session you can activate the security item of your choice to be the default key provider.

🧙 the key provider will also work for survey that allow respondent to update their answers after they submitted their answers

To activate the key provider in the security items choose which one should used as the key provider and toggle the Enable key provider option. The activated key provider will have a green color.

Enabling and switching the key provider while a survey is already running might impact respondents who already saved their progress as the saved progress answers are tied to a key provider. In such a case users who saved their progress before you enabled the new provider won't be able to restore previous answers that were saved using the previously activated ley provider.

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