Using the MariaDB storage engine you can use any MariaDB setup as your ngSurvey backend.


To install ngSurvey on a MariaDB database you will need to meet following requirements

  1. MariaDB version 10.6.x or above.

  2. User used to connect to the MariaDB server must have enough privileges to use the MariaDB system database to create the database.

  3. If binary logging is enabled you must set the log_bin_trust_function_creators variable to 1 either in your MySQL configuration file or using following query. SET GLOBAL log_bin_trust_function_creators = 1;

  4. Windows based MariaDB version requires to have loaded time zone data tables . You may follow this tutorial to load up time the zone data on your Windows MariaDB server.

NGSurvey configuration

In order to configure ngSurvey to work with MariaDB you need to setup following environment variables.

NGSurvey will automatically create or update the database that you have specified in the connection string.

  • ConnectionStrings:NGSurveyDB holds your connection string to your MariaDB server.

  • NGSurvey:StorageEngine must be set to MariaDB.

Health check

Once you have configured your database settings you may re-start the web service hosting ngSurvey. NGSurvey will automatically setup the database will all the required tables.

You may also check if your installation is properly setup using following link : https://yourrootsite/api/system/status

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