Active Directory Setup

Active Directory works only when ngSurvey is setup under a Windows Server based configuration

Once you have an already running installation of ngSurvey on IIS you may follow the following installation setup to configure Active Directory.

You will still be able to login at any point in time using ngSurvey based accounts even with Active Directory enabled. Both are working in parallel.

⌨️ Manual sign on installation

The manual sign on will require the user to enter their Active Directory credential using a web form. Setting up Active Directory is straightforward as it only requires you to setup the Active Directory Server, Domain and administrative account that can query the server. To set this settings head to the system settings page and configure your Active Directory settings.

If you would like to support also the single sign on when a user is already logged into its browser you may follow the Single sign on installation setup below after having configured the manual sign on installation.

👤 Single sign on installation

The first step is to set the database connection string in the web.config of the sub directory called AD. The connection string should be the same as the one you used for your root ngSurvey site.

The next step is to add a new application pool inside your IIS manager site.

Once you have created the new application go to your ngSurvey site root and convert the AD directory to an application.

Set the previously created application pool for your application.

Now that you have converted the directory to an application you may change its authentication to Windows authentication only. Make sure to disable anonymous authentication.

That's it existing Active Directory can now use their existing credentials to log into ngSurvey administration or using the Active Directory Security to log in ngSurvey forms.

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