Quick create survey start

In this walkthrough you will see how to start a survey and how to edit its answers, questions and style.

🚀 Start new survey

  1. Go to the Forms menu in the left top corner

  2. Press New Survey

  3. Label and Create Survey

You can Rename survey any time. The name of a survey won't be seen by the respondents.

✔️ Add a question

  1. Choose different questions according to your survey's aim

  2. To Add a question

    1. Click or drag&drop on questions from the menu on the left

    2. Use blue button Add question at the designers page

    3. Select New question in the upper left corner of the question's menu

Move questions to change their order inside of one question page

❌ Delete a question

There are two options to delete a question:

  1. Click "X" in the upper left corner of the questions menu

  2. At the Forms menu point on the question and choose the bin🗑️ icon to delete

You may also press the enter key or delete key to confirm the delete

➕ Add static text

Choose Html Static Text option at the Questions tab to add a static text content to a survey

👨‍🔧️ Edit a question

  1. Click on the question text to make editions

  2. Insert an answer and press enter or use the line below to add new answer to the question

  3. Use equals sign on the right of each answer line to move the answer inside of the question field

  4. Use X on the right of the answer line to delete the answer

You can also change the layout of each question from vertical to horizontal and choose the amount of columns in it.

To do it:

  1. Go to Properties at the edition toolbar

  2. Enable Horizontal layout option

  3. Choose the amount of columns at the Max. horizontal layout columns drop list

✨ Extra answer properties

By using the answer panel you can add an additional widgets to your survey.

  1. Drag&Drop the Email Validator property from the left menu of the answers tab into the answer column of the question.

  2. Label the Answer field

  3. Enable the Required property to make the question mandatory to answer

The Email Validator makes sure that the entered email is valid by sending confirmation unique code on the given email

To make your survey more dynamic you can add an extra logic conditions to it's content. For example, by setting a skip\ hide logic on the answer.

  1. Go to the Properties in the left toolbar of the Answer line

  2. At the Skip/ Hide logic tab click on Add a new skip logic condition

  3. Choose Show from Hide/ Show options on the top

  4. Select a question to set a condition

  5. Select an Answer according to which this condition will work

  6. Close tab by clicking on the designers field. The properties will be applied automatically

👋 Edit thank you page

The thank you page is the final page, that will be displayed to the respondent once the survey is completed. Besides the message you can also add an image, logo or link to make it more informative.

To edit the Thanks page:

  1. Go to the End thanks page at the Forms tab on the left

  2. Or press on the <Page 1> in the right upper corner of the designer page and choose End thanks page from the drop-down list of pages

  3. Edit the text

🎨 Edit the Outlook

In this part you will see how to customize the outlook of your survey by changing colors and adding logo.

To change the theme of a survey:

  1. Go to the Styles in the left vertical menu

  2. And choose Theme from already existing

  3. Or Add new style by clicking on the ➕ on the right at the library line

To customize the theme you have chosen:

  1. Press on three dots on the right of the theme line to create a clone

  2. Use the Edit function of the clone theme

  1. At the style editor click on logo image url line to add logo to your survey

  2. Select logo from the image library or use an Add/ upload media to add new

  3. You can align the logo by using the alignment toolbar at the style editor

  4. To delete logo click on "X" of the logo input name

  5. Press Update to save the changes in the theme

🎦 Preview/ Test a survey

Preview and testing property allows to see the survey the way it will be seen by respondent and test it to check the errors.

  1. At the action toolbar of the form designer choose Preview/ Test property

  2. Check that the skip/ hide logic and selection alert for required questions works

🏆 Publish survey

Here you will see how to start using the survey by sending it's web link to your respondents

  1. At the action toolbar on top of the Form designer go to the Publish/ Send property

  2. Copy the unique web link or create a friendly name version of it

  3. Copy paste the link on your website or use any tool or media that supports web link URLs to distribute your survey.

  4. Check our walkthough to know how to invite respondents via email

Follow the link to try this survey online: https://www.ngsurvey.com/s/f/quickcreatesurvey or you may download it from the link below and import it in your account.

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