🚥 What is rating ?

The rating features let you get satisfaction feedback from your respondents by setting specific rating scale values for each of your answers, these values will be used during reporting to calculate an average value across all respondents and give you a better understanding about the the level of respondents satisfaction .

🚀 Enabling rating

To enable rating you first need to turn on the Rating property in your question properties.

Once the rating is activated you may set the rating values on your answer properties.

You can use any value for your rating number.

😃 Scale anchors

You may add scale anchors to questions having their horizontal display and rating properties enabled in their question properties.

The scale anchors texts can be set from the questions properties.

Questions with horizontal scale anchors or rating enabled will automatically adapt their layout based on the respondent device and switch to a vertical layout if needed.

📈 Rating reporting

Upon completion of your survey you will be able to view the average rating for all your respondents in your reports. Thanks to the rating average you can have a very good understanding on the current satisfaction level of your respondents.

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