IIS Encryption Setup

If you're using IIS to host your on-premise version you may setup the variable in the IIS configuration editor as shown below or as a more secure alternative you may also use an Azure key vault to store your key.

While you could also store the key in directly the web.config file we would recommend not using that approach and set the environment variables either at your host level or using the IIS configuration editor as shown below.

Open IIS administration interface and go to your site settings page.

From within the configuration editor select the environmentVariables option

From there you can enter the key that will be used for encryption / decryption.

🔐 IIS / Azure key vault

To use an Azure key vault to host and store your ngSurvey settings and keys you may set following environment variables on your server.

  • KeyVault:Name is the name of your Key vault

  • AzureAd:ClientId is the client id to access your Key vault

  • AzureAd:ClientSecret is the client secret to access your key vault

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