Unifonic Template Message

If you are using Unifonic as your WhatsApp provider you will need to set the template message using following body content:

The content is a JSON based configuration that will allow you to set the name of the template message that you would like to use for your first interaction and have defined in your Unifonic account, the language code and you have defined any placeholders you can add optional place holder values.

By default ngSurvey except following replies on the first interaction with the respondent that received the template message

1 - Take the survey 2 - Don't take survey 3 - Unsubscribe

As such we recommend to configure a template message in Unifonic account that would be as follow:

If you are using panels to send out your Whatsapp invitation its possible to pipe into your placeholder dynamically panelists attributes values using the ++panelistattributename++ format.

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