Auth0 Security

🔐 What is Auth0 security ?

Using the Auth0 security item you can integrate your surveys using your existing auth0 infrastructure to authenticate users before taking the survey.

Using Auth0 you can restrict access and ask login credential using any of the activated user provider of your auth0 account like Active Directory, LinkedIn, Google, FaceBook accounts.

You may use data attributes to pipe or use your auth0 logged in user attributes in your survey texts or survey logic.

🚀 Setup Auth0

To configure the Auth0 security you need to create in your Auth0 account an Application and a back end API.

To create the application go to the Auth0 administration section and create the application.

Select the Single Page Web Applications as your application type

In your application settings set the Allow Callback URLs to

If you're using a self-hosted on-premise version make sure to replace the domain by the domain used that runs your own ngSurvey instance.

Once you have your application is setup copy from its Settings tab the Domain and Client ID and paste the values in your ngSurvey security item settings.

Go back to your Auth0 administration section and in the API section create a new API.

Create the new API using a unique identifier.

Copy the Identifier and paste it in your ngSurvey Auth0 security item settings.

Thats it! Your survey is now only available to users that have been authenticated using your Auth0 server settings.

🔅 Auth0 security properties

  • Domain is your auth0 domain.

  • Client Id client id of your auth0 single page application.

  • Identifier / Audience audience identifier of your auth0 web api.

  • Allow multiple submissions can a respondent take part multiple time to the same survey.

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