SQL Server Lists

The SQL Server list answer type allows you to create a list based on existing table stored inside a SQL Server database.

🔅 SQL Server lists properties

  • Type name display name of the list.

  • Layout defines how the list will be rendered either as a dropdown list or as autocomplete field that will filter the list based on the respondent entry.

  • Language you may define a different list for each languages. This is very handy if you use your type in a multi-language survey and what to show different items based on the respondent language.

  • Database connection string connection string to your SQL Server database.

  • SQL query Actual query that will be execute to retrieve the list items. You may also add parameters to generate dynamic queries.

  • Hide on empty query results Do not render the list if no results are returned by the query. This property can be used along parent / child related lists.

The SQL query must return as a first column the value that will be used as the list item value which will be saved along respondent answers and as a second column the text that will be used as the list item text that will be displayed to the respondentSELECT ValueColumn, TextColumn FROM table

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