Report Filters

🚰 What are report filters ?

Report filter allows you to to setup logical rules based on respondent's answers or panel memberships. Once you have created and grouped these rule in a filter you can apply this filter to any of our report, on a single report item, text reports or on respondents grids to show only a subset of results matching the filter.

Each condition is based on a set of rules that you can define. You can have as many conditions as you wish and you can order or reorder them at any time. A condition can also be based on the membership of the panel or one of the panel views if you want for example to show only results of respondents that are members a given panel.

➕ Adding report filters

Report filters can be added from the report filter pane on the left.

🔅 Report filter properties

  • Filter name Display name of the report filter.

✏️ Editing a report filter

Each report filter can be composed of several condition rules, only respondents who matches these conditions rules will be used in the filtered items.

Use the save icon to save the filter in the library to reuse it at any time later on.

🚀 Enabling report filters

To enable report filters you may click on the filter pane, check the filters checkbox and either create on the fly the filter or select the filter that should be applied to your results.

Modifying a filter that was added to the report from the report page will modify that filter and re-compute the displayed report results in real-time.

You may also enable report filters for on each report items individually by enabling it on the report item.

Report can also be easily filtered by clicking the answer you would like to filter in the charts. If you want to add multiple answers to your filter you can keep the right CTRL key pressed while click on the additional answer(s) you would like to use as filter

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