CSV Separated Selection / Fields

The separate selections / fields property tells the CSV export engine to have one column for the selected question answer and to create separate columns for each text based answer.

Question columns will contain the respondent answer to that question. Field based answers of that question will be separated into separated columns one for reach field answers.

🔅 CSV individual answers properties

  • Export following answers export all types of answers or select to export only selection or field based answers

  • Multiple answers as the separated selection / fields property shows the actual respondent answers in each question column we need a way to export also multiple choice questions. We can either choose to merge each respondent's answers from a multiple answer questions into a single column and separate each answer using a separator or we can choose to create a new column for each answer available in the multiple choice question.

➡️ Data export file output samples

You may find below a few quick export samples.

1) A single question with 3 choices.

2) A single question mixed with a free text field answer type

3) Multiple selection with 3 selected answers

4) Question with 3 field based answers

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