Survey Properties

📄 What are survey properties ?

The survey properties allows you to define how your survey runs and also if you want to allow your respondents to be able to save and resume their session or update their answers at a later point in time.

🔅 Survey properties

  • Name is the display name of the survey.

  • Deployment title is the title that will be displayed in the respondent browser title.

  • Google analytics id link your survey to a Google analytic account using its google analytic id.

  • Opening / Close date is the date range during which the survey. Leaving the open or close date blank means that survey will never be automatically opened or closed.

  • Response time limit let you define a duration while the respondents can enter their answers. A timer will be shown to the respondent showing how much time he has left.

  • Fields label position is how the field labels should be positioned either inside the fields, on the side or above the fields.

  • Single question flow if the survey should render the question one by one and auto submit on respondents answers without having to click on any next page or submit button.

  • Disable flow actionsdisables he flow action buttons that appear under the question while running the survey in single question flow mode.

  • Render horizontally on wide screens will switch the way questions are shown on screens larger than 1280px. Instead of being show from top (question text) to bottom (answers) questions will be shown on the left with answers on the right.

  • Question transition CSSCSS class name that will be used for single question flow question transition animations.

  • Wipe trashcan items older thanbefore being permanently questions or answers are stored in the trashcan were they can be recovered. You can set the time after which these items are wipe and deleted forever. Once wiped its not possible to recover the item or the respondent answers that were linked to it.

  • Question numbering will automatically number the questions in the survey taking into account hidden question.

  • Scored if we want to use the survey as scoring system.

  • Allow respondents to download their answers will generate a download link in the thank you message page to let the respondents download their answers as PDF.

  • Anonymous respondents will not save any respondents specific identification data like the IP.

  • Respondent client geolocation will ask respondent's browser for its latitude and longitude location coordinates and save them along respondent.

  • Respondent IP geolocation lookupwill lookup IP address location of already recorded and future respondents. This option requires a working IPStack configuration.

  • Clear branched / skipped pages answers pages or skipped questions answered by the respondent and that were skipped later on during the survey taking process are removed and not saved along the respondent unless this option is unchecked to keep all the answers if these are skipped.

  • Server side validation validation if respondent has answered questions that are mandatory is done both on the respondent browser client side and a second time on the server to make sure that the respondent does not bypass the mandatory questions.

  • Closed for answers No respondents will be able to take the survey if its closed.

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