Compare Field

The compare field answer type allows you to compare the respondent entry in that field to another field entry in the survey or to compare it against a fixed value or value range that you define.

In the example above the Confirm password is the compare field and will compare its value against the Password field to make sure that those are matching.

👥 Comparing against another answer value

To compare a value from another answer you have open its answer properties page and set its Answer label to the field you wish to compare to.

In the example above the compare field will compare the value that was entered in the Password answer and check that its equal to the value entered in the compare field.

🔢 Comparing against a static value

To compare a static value against the respondent answer you have to open its answer properties page and set the Respondent answer or Respondent answer range to

In the example the compare field will compare the entry of the respondent and make sure that its equals to 10.

You may use following conditions for your comparison.

Comparisons are type depended if you selected for example the numeric type then 10 would be greater than 9, if it was a date then 2nd June would be greater than 1st June.

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