Built-in Connector

👪 What is the built-in connector ?

This is the default connector. It allows you to create, update, delete panelists on a panel without having to connect to an external data store other than ngSurvey.

➕ Adding an built-in connector

To add an built-in connector you may click on the New panel button on the panel management screen and select the Built-in Connector.

From there you will have 2 options either your may create an empty panel using one or more of the presets attributes or you may import and fill your panel with pre-existing data using a CSV file.

🔅 Built-in Connector properties

  • Field delimiter is the char that will act as a delimiter between the exported answers columns inside a CSV.

  • Text delimiter is the char that will act as a delimiter between the text entries inside a CSV

  • Use header as labels uses the first row of the CSV to create the panel attributes.

  • Use 1st column as sourceuid uses the first column of the CSV as the panel source uid. The source uid of a panel is the column that will uniquely identify the panelist within the panel, this value should be unique across all the panelists.

You may import additional panelists from another CSV once the panel has been created. Note that in that case the CSV must have the same columns as the one that was originally used to create the panel.

Supported Panel Connector Modes

  • Read Allows to read existing panelist from our panel.

  • Update Allows to update existing panelist in our panel.

  • Delete Allows to delete panelists from our panel.

  • Add / Auto Fill Allows to add new panelists to our panel or to fill our panel automatically when its linked to a survey.

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