Connector Setup

In order to use the connector you will need to add it as a custom connector within your Azure installation. Start by downloading the connector definitions file below and save it on your machine.

You may now head to your Azure portal and create a new Custom Connector resource.

Make sure that your custom connector is created within the same hosting region and resource group as your power app / logic app.

Once created edit the Custom Connector resource, set it to OpenAPI file and import the NGSurvey connector file that you have just downloaded.

In the general information change the Host to the domain under which you are currently running ngSurvey.

You may now save the definitions of your connector.

That's it! You have now a fully functional connector that you can use in your PowerApps / Logic Apps

We are in process of certifying the connector, once it it is certified you will be able to select it and use right from the PowerApps or Azure third party connectors selection interface.

👨‍💻️ Connector setup using the CLI

Should you prefer to deploy the connector using the command line you may deploy it using the paconn CLI provided by Microsoft following these instructions :

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