Panelist Mapping

🔃 What is panelist mapping ?

the panelist mapping allows you to define how the panel security item will look up the panelist to load from the panel across the panels that have access to your panel security item.

Out of the box the panel column and value that will be used to look up the panelist in your panel is the panelist id column. The panellist id is a uniquely generated value that identify the panelist in the panel.

When the respondent enters its panelist id before taking the survey ngSurvey will look up the panelist based on that id to let you re-use its data in your survey.

There are times though when you might need to use another value than the panelist id to let the respondent enter your survey and look up the panelist data. Using the panelist id source type on your panel properties page you may choose a different panelist attribute that will be used by the panel security item to lookup the panelist.

✒️ Mapping Example

If you have created a panel like the following contact panel

You could configure the panel use the panel's email as a lookup column and ask the survey respondent its email instead of the panelist id.

Your respondents will now be asked for their email before entering the survey.

You may replace the default panel security label text "Please enter your panelist id" using the survey local resources.

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