Smart Columns

🪄 What are smart columns ?

Smart columns allows you to add information to your respondent answers that is dynamically evaluated based on preset smart works or based on any custom prompt that will be evaluated using your AI provider.

Using smart columns you can enhance the data that you have already collected with additional custom information based on the smart work action that is assigned to this column.

Suppose that you have collected respondent feedback in a field based entry you can, using smart column, create an extra column for your respondent data that will based on the actual respondent feedback data and transform it into another type of data. for example if you want to translate each respondent feedback in a given language or create a summary out of the feedbacks you could create a smart column with a translation or summary smart work action that will transform the data for each of your respondents dynamically.

These are just two simple use cases however since you can create your very own smart works using custom prompts there are virtually no limit on how you could use or transform your existing data using your AI provider.

➕ How to add a smart column ?

Smart columns can be added from the respondent grid header or can be added after any question or answer in the grid. If the smart column is added from the grid toolbar the column will appear in front of any other questions or answers being in the form.

The smart column will also be kept along with its order it any data exports that generate from your data.

Smart columns content will be evaluated for each respondent of your survey on fixed time interval during each hour. You can always choose to recompute the smart column values using the "Recompute smart column" option, be mindful that depending on the number of respondents you have it may take time to proceed all the respodents data.

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